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Colorado Community Response Program

CCR is a voluntary program that provides prevention services to families who have been referred to the child welfare system but ultimately are not required to engage in services.
CCR will help families to set goals, connect with community resources, provide coaching and mentoring with specific goals, and help strengthen family relationships.

Participation in CCR requires a referral to the Family Resource Center from the Logan County Department of Human Services.

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Circle of Grandparents

Grandparents raising grandchildren are a growing demographic in Logan County. Often, grandparents find themselves raising children after they thought they were headed toward retirement. This detour in life plans is rewarding but also holds its challenges. The Circle of Grandparents group provides support by creating a network of friends who are serving in this role in their own families. Activities include informal lunches, guest speakers, and more!

Circle of Grandparents meets
every Thursday
from 10:30-11:30 am
at the Family Resource Center

A free snack and child care are available!


Supervised Visitation

The mission of Hand in Hand is to facilitate safe and healthy contact between parents and children who are separated by court action, such as a divorce, foster care, or other circumstances that result in a parent's absence in the life of a child.

Hand in Hand provides direct supervision of parenting time, facilitated supervision, and safe exchanges.

How to participate:

  1. Call the FRC at (970)526-2439

  2. Complete an application

  3. Schedule an orientation (takes about an hour)

    • BOTH parties must complete an orientation session​

  4. Schedule your first safe exchange or supervised visitation time

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